“As an individual that has maintained a health conscious attitude including proper diet and exercise for the past five years I initially thought very little of the product and how it would enhance my life. Fortunately I gave in to the truth that maintaining a higher pH level would benefit me in ways I was unaware of. Since my commitment to drinking ionized water I noticed a quicker recovery after my weigh-training sessions, a decrease in total body fat, energy level increase, which all have contributed to overall mental and physical health”
–Rudy (San Antonio, Texas)

“My daughter was born with eczema and she would flare up all over body . Since drinking this water she has not had any episodes of this occurrence any more. My son had allergies that would make him swell p and he needed to have  an epi-pen with him wherever he went. After weeks of drinking this water he has not had any swelling up at all. We are thankful to have this water in our lives”
-Mark (San Antonio, Texas)

“For the past 6 years I’ve been suffering with severe plaque psoriasis. Some days the pain from my psoriasis would be so horrible, I would have to ice parts of my body continuously throughout the day just to get some sort of temporary relief. I was introduced to the benefits of drinking ad using alkaline water and what a difference! My skin has cleared up to he point where I Sometimes forget that I have psoriasis! My scalp has gone from 35% coverage to completely clear, there aren’t any more spots on my torso, my legs, or my back, and my knees have cleared up completely”
-Tasanee (Dallas, Texas)

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“I lived on a feeding tube for 8 months, mixing everything with my local tap water. With 13 abdominal surgeries in under a year, my body was hardly able to support itself and everything I ingested just seemed to make it worse. As my health rapidly declined, I began searching for anything that could help me. That’s when I switched to Alkaline water from Viva H2O Alkaline Water Store. All I have to do… is call, and they ship what I need directly to my door to make my own Alkaline water at home with distilled bottled water. I began to see improvements in my digestion and my overall health within a week, and the improvements have only continued in an upward trend ever since. It is all I drink now. I had to share this because I recently found out that my city was fined and is having to make serious changes in the local drinking water as unsafe levels of arsenic have been found. Had I not of switched to Viva’s Alkaline water when I did, the damage from the slow arsenic poisoning would have finished me off in my weakened state. Both the intended and unintended consequences of switching to this water have truly saved my life. Thank you.”

“This water is life changing. It’s the best! I don’t leave my house now with out my Viva H2O Alkaline Water bottle. Thank you for your great info & customer service.”

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