Sick and Abandoned Dog Gets Detoxed With Viva H2O

Viva Water

The day after Christmas, I stepped outside my back door to find a small dog sitting at my door step.  I immediately wondered how he got there since my yard is fenced in.  I figured he got lost and wandered in with the wind blowing the gate open.  He appeared to have been lost for a while as he was very dirty with dried feces stuck to the side of his body.  He also had a lot of dried mucous around his eyes that had left his skin irritated. 

After not being able to reunite him with his owners, I found that the more time I spent with this little fellow the more I realized that he was not healthy. 

How did I know this? By the way he reacted after drinking Viva H2O water.  It’s the only water I give to my other pets so I really didn’t think twice about giving it to him.  I noticed he urinated several times each hour ( so glad it was outside and not inside) Then as I was bathing him, I noticed he had a strong odor coming out of his pores.  I recognized it was the smell of medication.  I instantly remembered my son had the same thing happen to him when he started drinking this water.  He was taking medication at the time for ADHD and just like this little fellow began urinating a whole lot and left the restroom smelling like a pharmacy.  

I soon started to think that this poor little guy was more than likely abandoned and not lost.  His medical expenses must have been a huge burden to his previous owners. 

His detox continued as he got diarrhea for a day and then blood mixed in with his stool.  I was not alarmed by this as the same thing happened to my golden retriever several years ago when he started on the water.  I knew he was pushing something out that was better left out than in. 

It has now been several weeks since and I am certain that no one is going to claim him and that he found his way here so that he could get some relief from his ailments.  It didn’t take long for the mucous (acid) to stop coming out of his eyes, his energy level has increased and he no longer reeks like medication. 

I have no idea why he was on medication in the first place and it doesn’t really matter now that he got a healthy check up from our local vet.  All I know is that he is now a happy and healthy little fellow with a new home. 


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