Happy Spring in Your Step


It’s that time of year when new beginnings are upon us as we welcome a new season of Spring.  For many of our customers, this is happening in more ways than one and we are thrillled to be a part of it.   As the seasons  transition, we  at Viva H2O look around at the people of our community and can’t help but recognize new beginnings arising within our neighborhoods and local businesses.  It brings us great joy to know that a lot of you are out and about doing the things you love the most again – whether that be gardening, dancing, painting, starting a new business or a new family.

As mother earth wakes up and comes alive again after a long lingering  wintery season, so many of our customers are also coming alive again and sprouting forth  seeds of growth within their own well being.  Senses  start to tingle again  and we can’t help but have thoughts of peace and gratitude that our winter retreat has ended.  We are honored that so many of our customers share their wonderful testimonies with us for these are new beginnings for us all.

Happy Spring in your step!