Why should I drink Viva H2O water? Isn’t water just water?

You can experience hydration at the cellular level when you drink Viva H20 naturally made alkaline anti-oxidant water. Experience an abundance of antioxidant electrons to help neutralize harmful free radicals. Your body shifts to an alkalized state by removing harmful acidic toxins and this will simply make you feel good.

Do the alkaline/anti-oxidant properties of the water diminish?

As long as the water remains in a sealed container, it will retain its alkaline properties for up to one year and its anti-oxidant properties for up to 2-3 weeks, depending on storage.Water in an opened container will begin to slowly lose its alkaline and antioxidant properties. Exposing the water to the sun (UV rays) will also reduce its properties.

What is the temperature of Viva H20 Alkaline Water?

Our system does not use electricity so it is room temperature. It is also great cold or hot.

What happens to the water when I heat it?

A good rule of thumb is simmer instead of boiling when you can (to lose less pH).

Can I microwave the water?

Microwaving the alkaline water is not recommended. The microwaving process may cause the loss of some minerals and may damage some of the antioxidant properties of the water.

Can I use Viva H2O to water my plants?

Please do not feed Alkaline water to your plants. They are happier with a neutral pH. (tap water)

What about my dog/cat?

They love it too and can surely benefit. Give them a bowl of tap water and a bowl of Viva H20 water and see which one they prefer.