What is fresh alkaline water? Alkaline water much like natural spring water is best consumed straight from the source. Why, you might ask? If you are drinking a natural alkaline water one made by mineral conversion the way spring water -see the full story


So far we’ve stressed the health benefits of alkaline water to explain why Viva H2O alkaline water is so good for you. Compared to traditional drinking water, alkaline antioxidant water can make a dramatic difference in your health and energy level, -see the full story


It is so gratifying to hear peoples’ amazing testimonies from all walks of life. Alkaline Antioxidant water surely has made the difference. It brings me great joy to share another wonderful C-r-a-z-y testimony with you. A  local retired race horse -see the full story


As most of you know we have been involved with alkaline antioxidant water for a little over 5 years and have personally witnessed many amazing crazy health transformations from people all over San Antonio and the surrounding cities and towns. -see the full story


Here is a personal testimony I would like to share about my family’s experience with this amazing water.My wife and I recently adopted an eleven year old boy who spent several years in foster care and was highly medicated for things such as -see the full story


Absolutely! A pregnant woman loses much needed minerals as her baby is receiving nutrients for growth. Having an alkaline mineral supply in her blood would immediately relieve any morning sickness.   I would like to share a link on the subject here. -see the full story


It has now been scientifically proven that the balance of health in our body is directly related to the pH levels (pH stands for potential of hydrogen)of the water and blood circulating inside all of us. More simply put, a -see the full story

blank-tank vision was better than it was 3 1/2 years ago. Doctor asked what are you doing differently?