Once our customers realize the benefits of drinking Viva H2O water, they soon embark on a wonderful added benefit of a delicious smooth, rich cup of coffee. Why does Viva H2O make a difference in how your coffee tastes? Just -see the full story

Viva Water

The day after Christmas, I stepped outside my back door to find a small dog sitting at my door step.  I immediately wondered how he got there since my yard is fenced in.  I figured he got lost and wandered -see the full story


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Nicks’ aches and pains are gone since he started drinking Viva H2O Alkaline Water. The body goes back to being acidic if you are not replenishing your essential minerals.


Hear how Julio knew Viva H2O alkaline antioxidant water would help him with his sugar levels but had no idea he’d get something more out of it. His doctor said,” Your vision is better than it was 3 1/2 years -see the full story


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In store we carry porcelain crock pot dispensers, pet water and food dispensers,   half gallon water bottles, just enough for the day,   three gallon Italian glass water bottles, personal mini crocks perfect for bedside or office, all types -see the full story


Delivery day. Ian helping a customer stock up with Viva H2O Alkaline Water!


It’s that time of year when new beginnings are upon us as we welcome a new season of Spring.  For many of our customers, this is happening in more ways than one and we are thrillled to be a part -see the full story


Celebrating Sany’s 20th B-Day! Ian, Angel, Isabella, and Chris. Isabella with Sany in the background