Are You Still Using Tap Water to Make Coffee?


Once our customers realize the benefits of drinking Viva H2O water, they soon embark on a wonderful added benefit of a delicious smooth, rich cup of coffee.

Why does Viva H2O make a difference in how your coffee tastes?

Just as it improves the flavor of certain foods when you cook with it, Viva H2O helps cut down on the bitterness and brings out the richness of your coffee. When you brew coffee, it is the combination of the minerals in the water and the hot temperature that extracts the flavors from the oil in the beans. If you use water that lacks minerals, or is too low in minerals, you’ll get flat flavorless coffee.

If you use tap water to make coffee over several days, no matter how precisely you measure out the beans and the water, you’ll likely notice a wide variation in the taste and quality of your coffee. This is because municipalities add chemicals to treat their water at different times. So some days you’ll have more minerals and bicarbonate in the water than other days and this will greatly affect the taste your coffee.

Isn’t coffee acidic?

Yes it is, but when brewed with Viva H2O it becomes less acidic putting it more in a neutral zone.

Is there an added bonus?

You bet there is….spend more time enjoying your cup of Joe and less time cleaning your coffee maker.
Oily residue from brewing, along with hard-water deposits and other impurities, build up in coffeemakers over time. You’ll find that this isn’t the case when brewing with Viva H2O alkaline water.

So go ahead and taste the difference. Now you can really ENJOY your coffee the way nature intended!